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    • Gold Brooch/Pin Vintage 18Kt Yellow Gold Sunflower Brooch
    • $1,195.00 $1,695.00
      Vintage 18Kt Yellow Gold Sunflower Brooch
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Important Frank Gardner Hale Art & Crafts gold, diamond, pearl and turquoise brooch/pendant
    • $8,510.00 $9,750.00
      Important Arts and Crafts 14kt yellow gold brooch/pendant by Frank Gardner Hale featuring an estimated 1.50 carats of old, mine cut diamonds accented by eight pieces of turquoise and three natural pearls
    • Gold Brooch/Pin Vintage Ilia Lalaounis 18kt gold brooch
    • $2,135.00 $2,795.00
      Vintage Ilian Lalaounis 18kt yellow gold town scene brooch measuring 60x30mm
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches 18kt yellow gold, turquoise, sapphire and diamond brooch
    • $9,580.00 $10,975.00
      Outstanding designer 18kt yellow gold large brooch with 6 diamond sections containing a total of 36 diamonds estimated to weigh a total of 2 carats. The brooch also contains six sections of sapphire containing a total of 68 round sapphires estimated to weigh a total of 10 carats and three sections of turquoise cabochon stones containing 109 stones estimated to...
    • Pearl Pins/Brooches Vintage 18kt yellow gold and Pearl Poodle Brooch
    • $865.00 $1,095.00
      Vintage mid-century 18kt yellow gold poodle brooch
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Art Deco Platinum, Diamond & Emerald Brooch /Pendant
    • $5,635.00 $6,975.00
      Platinum Art Deco Pendant/Brooch With 151 Round And Six Baguette Cut Diamond & 6 Step Cut Emeralds Accenting A Appropriately .50 Ct European Cut Diamond.
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches Vintage 14kt gold and opal star burst brooch
    • $945.00 $1,325.00
      Vintage 14kt yellow gold star burst brooch with eight round opals and seven small diamonds
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches Vintage Mid-centruy 18kt yellow gold and chrysoberyl owl brooch
    • $1,495.00 $1,945.00
      Vintage mid-century 18kt yellow gold owl brooch with chrysoberyl eyes
    • Gold Brooch/Pin Vintage 14kt gold and emerald leaping dolphin brooch/pendant
    • $535.00 $695.00
      Vintage 14kt yellow gold two leaping dolphin brooch with emerald eyes and a fold out bail to be used as a pendant as well
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Antique mid Victorian rose gold diamond,emerald & pearl flower vase brooch
    • $4,275.00 $5,895.00
      Antique Mid-Victorian large 14kt rose gold flower vase brooch with rose and european cut diamonds, emeralds and pearls vintage featuring a hand of god 1870 c. The brooch measures 110x35mm
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Antique silver on gold rose cut diamonds arrow brooch in original box
    • $585.00 $795.00
      Antique Victorian silver on yellow gold arrow brooch with 24 rose cut diamonds in original fitted box
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Victorian Platinum On Gold And Mine Cut Diamond Crescent Brooch
    • $3,205.00 $3,995.00
      Victorian Platinum On 18Kt Yellow Gold 65Mm Long Crescent Brooch With 19 Old Mine Cut Diamonds With An Estimated Total Weight Of 1.33 Carats Grading As G-J In Color And Vs In Clarity
    • Gold Pins/Brooches Whimsical 1940's Retro 14kt yellow and rose gold duck brooch
    • $1,195.00 $1,685.00
      1940's 14kt yellow and rose gold whimsical duck brooch with a ruby collar and eyes
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches 2nd Egyptian Revival silver and enamel pendant with ancient scarab
    • $1,065.00 $1,375.00
      Lovely example of an Art Deco Second Egyptian Revival pendant set with a carved ancient scarab
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Victorian Diamond And Tsavorite Garnet Lizard Brooch
    • $1,595.00 $2,195.00
      Victorian 14Kt Yellow Gold Lizard Brooch With 17 Mine Cut Diamond Back Accented By Tsavorite Garnet And Ruby Eyes
    • Gold Brooch/Pin 14Kt Poodle Brooch
    • $465.00 $595.00
      Vintage 14Ktyg Poodle Brooch Brooch With Ruby Eyes
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Vintage 18Kt Gold And Gem Stone Lion Brooch
    • $865.00 $1,195.00
      Vintage 18Ktyg Lion Brooch With Ruby Nose Emerald Eyes And 10 Round Diamond Face
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Vintage 14kt gold and european cut diamond sunburst brooch
    • $635.00 $795.00
      Vintage14kt yellow gold sunburst brooch with seven round, european cut diamonds estimated to weigh .50 carat total
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Edwardian Platinum, Diamond And Pearl Circle Brooch
    • $2,960.00 $3,995.00
      Platinum Edwardian Circle Brooch Measuring 32Mm In Diameter And Centered By A Bezel Set European Cut Diamond Weighing Approximately .50 Carat And Grading As H In Color And Vs In Clarity Accented By 88 Rose Cut Diamonds With A Rim Of 32 2.3Mm Seed Pearls
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches 40'S Retro Citrine And Diamond Flower Brooch
    • $1,395.00 $1,695.00
      This 40'S Retro Brooch Is Made With 14Kt Yellow Gold And Platinum Around The Diamonds To Enhance The Color Of The Stones. The Vintage Flower Motif Brooch Features Five Marquise Citrine And Eight Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. The Diamonds Are Graded On A Gia Scale As G-H In Color And Vs2-Si1 In Clarity, And They Are Estimated To Weigh A...
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches Mid Century vintage 14kt gold and Jadeite jade Brooch
    • $435.00 $575.00
      Vintage mid-century 14kt yellow gold circle brooch with eight oval shaped jadeite jade stones
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Art Nouveau 14kt gold enamel diamond and pearl brooch/watch holder
    • $765.00 $995.00
      Art Nouveau 14kt yellow gold enameled lady's profile brooch/watch holder with 2 mine cut diamonds and 20 natural seed pearls
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Art Deco Platinum On Gold Diamond And Sapphire Filigree Bar Pin
    • $535.00 $695.00
      Art Deco Platinum On Yellow Gold Filigree Long Bar Pin With 1X.17 Est European Cut Diamond And Two Round Montana Sapphires
    • Pearl Pins/Brooches Vintage 14kt yellow gold and pearl brooch
    • $765.00 $895.00
      Vintage 14kt yellow gold bark finish round brooch with three 7.5 mm round pearls
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches Vintage 18Kt Gold And Coral Brooch
    • $865.00 $1,395.00
      Vintage 18Kt Yellow Gold Flower Pin With 10 Pear Shape Pieces Of Red Mediterranean Coral
    • Diamond Pins/Brooches Art Nouveau platinum and yellow gold diamond brooch
    • $6,905.00 $8,750.00
      Art Nouveau platinum and 18kt yellow gold brooch with 76 mine cut diamonds with an estimated total weight of 4.50 carats grading as g-i in color si1-vs2 in clarity with yellow gold center s
    • Gold Pins/Brooches Vintage 18kt yellow gold picture brooch
    • $535.00 $695.00
      oval 18kt yellow gold vintage brooch with lady's picture
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches 1940's Retro 14kt gold and citrine fan shaped brooch
    • $865.00 $1,095.00
      14kt yellow gold 1940's retro ridged fan shaped brooch with a 14.3x12.3mm emerald cut citrine
    • Gold Brooch/Pin Peter Linderman Sun Brooch/Pendant Diamond Necklace
    • $2,975.00 $3,875.00
      18Kt Yellow Gold Peter Linderman Sun Brooch/Pendant Combo, With 32 Multi Color Diamonds Estimated To Weigh 2 Ct Total Weight
    • Gold Brooch/Pin Vintage Craig Drake Alligator Brooch
    • $3,205.00 $4,250.00
      18Kt Yellow Gold Craig Drake Designed Alligator
    • $1,890.00 $2,595.00
    • Pearl Pins/Brooches J.E.Caldwell 1940's Diamond and Ruby Double Clip PinThis Fan shaped  Retro pin
    • $4,275.00 $4,995.00
      This fan shaped Retro pin designed by J.E.Calwell & Company, one of America's finest jewelers. It contains six bright round brilliant cut diamonds ranging G-H in color and VS1-2 in clarity on the GIA diamond grading scale. This pin breaks down into 2 separate pins and looks great in hair or on clothing.
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches Vintage Platinum Diamond & Amethyst Brooch/Pendant Combo
    • $3,740.00 $4,750.00
      1950'S Retro Platinum Brooch /Pendant Combo With 6 Accent Leafs With 95 Total Diamonds Estimated T0 Weigh 2 Ct Total Accenting A 18 X 14 Mm Emerald Shape Amethyst
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches Citrine And Ruby Brooch 25 X 20 Mm Em Shape Citrine Accented By 4 3.4 Mm Rubies
    • $1,495.00 $1,975.00
      40'S Retro 14Kt Yellow Gold Large Brooch With 25 X 20 Mm Emerald Shape Citrine Accented By 4 Round Rubies. This piece is currently designed to be worn as both a pendant and a brooch.
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches 1940'S Retro Ruby & Diamond Fan Brooch/Pendant
    • $2,135.00 $2,795.00
      Large 1940'S Retro 14Kt Rose Gold Fan Motif Brooch/Pendant With 4 Round Diamonds And 21 Rubies Is Spray
    • Colored Stone Pins/Brooches Vintage Opal Brooch
    • $1,295.00 $1,775.00
      14Kt Yellow Gold Open Asian Style Brooch With Carve Opal Figure And 5 Round Diamond Estimated To Weigh .35 Ct Total. This piece is currently designed to be worn as both a pendant and a brooch.
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