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The Levy's Family

Staying in business for over 95 years requires a lot of passion and a remarkable team.

c denaburg

I was born on June 5, 1934 in Birmingham, AL and first started working at Levy’s on weekends when I was thirteen. I went to Ramsay High School then The University of Alabama before serving 3 years in the US Air Force. After serving in Texas and Germany, I returned to Birmingham in 1959, where I have been practicing law ever since.

As my father started to age, I began to take a more active role in the business in 1968-69. Working closely with my father taught me the importance of a business having a close, personal relationship with each customer. He taught me to treat every person who walked through the door like family, whether they were spending $10 or $10,000, when they walked in the door, they became a cousin, and it was our responsibility to take care of them accordingly. This mindset was the basis for our now famous tagline, “It’s like having a relative in the jewelry business”.

My father passed away in 1972 and while continuing to practice law, I helped my mother with the basic management of the store and anything else that needed to be done. I continue to oversee the general management of the store, stopping by at lunch and after leaving my law office and all day on Saturdays.

As an attorney, I am admitted to the Alabama State Bar, all Alabama Federal Courts, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the US Supreme Court. I am a fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy and active in the Alabama Academy of Attorney Mediators, where I previously served as President.

Interesting Facts:
  • I received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Birmingham Bar Association in 2011. I have mediated over 1300 disputes and participated in over 250 arbitrations.
  • I refereed high school and junior college basketball for over 30 years
  • I like to spend Sundays working at our family farm in Dunnavant, Alabama with my children and grandchildren. We fish, raise cattle, grow personal vegetables and whatever else we need to do to sustain the land.
  • I love to travel for fishing trips (especially fly fishing) and go snow skiing at least once a year.
  • I have a beautiful wife, Jan, and 13 grandchildren, 11 of which are boys.
r denaburg

I was born and raised right here in the Magic City and am legendary for my "Ask Rhoda" commercials. At the age of 16, I moved to Chicago where I attended The University of Illinois. After college I married and had five children, 2 girls and 3 boys.

In 1975, I found a love for Native American jewelry and began to sell it from my home and local fairs. I would travel to Albuquerque and Santa Fe to buy directly from Artisans and bring it back to the Windy City. Eventually the business grew into a freestanding storefront that sold fine accessories, clothing and estate jewelry to customers in Chicago.

Once my children were grown, I moved back home to Birmingham in 1982, where I helped run the family business full time along with my Brother, Charles. I have always had a keen sense for fashion and spent my time updating the store and began introducing period estate pieces, Victorian through Art Deco, into Levy’s inventory.

During my tenure at Levy’s, I met a Diamond Broker who had his main office in New York with additional offices in Antwerp and Tel Aviv. We hit it off and after our first date, which was to a funeral, we married within a year. Fast forward to present time and Marvin Link of A. Link & CO New York and I have been married 30 years.

I have a total of 6 children including my stepdaughter, 12 grandchildren and a very large extended family. I still work at the store 6 days a week.

Interesting Facts:
  • I love to travel. My favorite trip was to Kenya and Tanzania and my favorite city is London.
  • My favorite designer is Oscar de la Renta, and I once had the luxury of having lunch with him.
  • I love to go to Broadway shows – my favorites have been Mama Mia and The Lion King.
  • I like many types of food and am learning to enjoy sushi.
  • If I had a motto, it would be “family first”.
j nadler

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and spent most of my summers in Birmingham, AL with my mother’s side of the family. I am the fourth child out of five children, and my Mother is Rhoda Denaburg Link the family matriarch.

I started working in the Jewelry business in 1972 when I was 9 years old. My mother, Rhoda, started a jewelry business where she would travel to the Native American Reservations in the Southwestern US, develop relationships with the jewelry artisans and bring back their best work to Chicago, which she sold at street fairs, craft shows, and from our home. 

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When I was 14, I started working for my best friend’s older brother who was an accountant . He would buy out inventory of businesses that were going under, and the flea markets of Chicago were the dumping ground for all the acquired inventory. It was one of the most interesting and enjoyable jobs I had in my youth. Long, hot days but we got to keep half the money of everything we sold! I loved poking around the markets and I started to realize, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. I remember trading a pack of Gillette razor blades to the concession stand owner for Lunch for three of us. I spent the next few summers working the flea markets.

At the end of my senior year of high school, my mother moved to Birmingham to take over the daily management of Levy’s. I only had two chooses of colleges to attend, and the University of Alabama won me over when I visited on February 6th of 1982.

I was on campus for all of six minutes before I was in front of the business school and saw beautiful young lady’s walking out of class with Short shorts and Sunglasses. The decision was made, I took off my blue (Michelin Tire Man) down coat and threw it on the ground; I was committed to going to college at U of A.

The deal I struck with Rhoda was that if I wanted to be in a fraternity, I would also have to work part time while going to school. We came up with a plan to sell 14kt gold Italian chain in front of the sorority houses and gave them a portion of the profits towards their pet charity. Back then gold was $350 oz.

After graduation, I went into Macy’s executive training program. I then took another position as a buyer for a major department store chain. I missed being in the stores and was recruited by the Gap Corporation to open up and manage one the nation’s largest Banana Republics stores at the time. My goal in life at that time, was to own department stores.

I never had any intention of going into the Jewelry Business let alone the family business, but then my mother got remarried to a New York diamond dealer named Marvin Link. He semi-retired, moved to Birmingham and gave me the encouragement I needed to dive head first into the jewelry industry.

Marvin Link and his firm A.Link and Company, were one of the first firms in the US to export diamonds from Russia, starting in 1969. While in college, I would visit Birmingham and I would spend my time getting to know my new step father. I would see him working with parcels of small diamonds. He would say “don’t just stand there and watch, start sorting”. I had no idea what he was doing and didn’t know where to begin. He gave me a pair of tweezers and said “put them in order of what looks the best to you.” I spent 2 1/2 hours putting 23 diamonds in order as to what I thought looked the best. He spent 2 minutes looking at the stones and said “No, do it again” and mixed them up. The game was on!

I loved looking at each stone’s unique characteristic and trying to take each of the 4C’s and put them in best to worst order. I spent 100’s of hours over the next year sorting and resorting, playing this game with Marvin. This was when I fell in love with diamonds. GIA training was in my future!

Marvin stressed to Rhoda and her brother, Charles, that Levy’s needed help in the store. I had a formal interview with my Uncle Charles, started a month later. I was the first of the 3rd Generation to go into the family business, followed shortly with my partner/brother/cousin, Todd Denaburg. Todd and I have now worked together for almost 30 years.

Todd and I, have always had a passion for antique jewelry, fine diamonds and gemstones. We travel throughout the year to buy, sell and trade jewelry within the national and international markets. We have built a reputation as the Southeast’s leading specialist in one-of-a-kind vintage, antique and estate jewelry, fine diamonds and rare gemstones.

  • BS international Marketing
  • GG, GIA Graduate Gemologist
  • AJP, GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional
  • GIA, advance class in identifying Heat Treatment of Corundum
  • GIA, advance Identification of Glass Filling & Healed Fissures in Corundum
  • Gemworld International Corundum treatment and Pricing workshop
  • Scored 100% on GIA’s Gems & Gemology Challenge
Other Jewelry Related Accomplishments
  • Past President of the Alabama Jewelers Association
  • Moderator and Panelist for the Alabama and Georgia Jewelers Association
  • Moderator and panelist for the Southern Jewelers Travelers Association
  • Speaking engagements for civic groups and graduate college level.
  • NAWCC member for 30 years.
Interesting Facts:
  • I have an identical twin brother and his name is not Todd! My twins name is James or Jimmy and he is an attorney..
  • Over the last 30 years I have had the pleasure to have Lunch at least 5 days a week with my mother. Most of the time we did not eat lunch until 4-5 pm. But we ate together.(My mother is Rhoda Denaburg Link). Unfortunately for me, This did not excuse me from Sunday night family dinner! Agh!
  • I have a beautiful wife, kids and Grandkids. They maybe listed # 3 on this list but always number #1 in my heart. I also have the pleasure or some would say the curse, to work everyday with 3 generations of the Denaburg -Nadler family .Oh Vey.
  • Yes, I do have one of the coolest Jobs. Everyday I get to buy, sell, trade and create beautiful things that make people happy.
  • When I retire down to 3 days a week, I am going back to school to get a Masters Degree in Art History.
  • I collect early books on gemology, jewelry design and auction results. I am fascinated with the evolution of Jewelry design throughout history and how cyclic designs can be based on what was happening historically in the world at that current time period. I.E. 2nd Egyptian Rival.
t denaburg

I was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Miriam and Charles Denaburg in 1966. I was a member of the very first class of The Birmingham Jewish Day School, and attended until the 5th grade when he transferred to the Mountain Brook School System. After graduating from Mountain Brook High School in 1985, I enrolled in The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. I joined Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, decided on the business school and suffered years of Crimson Tide Football mediocrity. I graduated in 1989 with a B.S. in Marketing, and took a job selling radio advertising in Tuscaloosa. After a year of realizing outside sales weren’t for me, I moved back to Birmingham and went back to work in the family business, Levy’s. My cousin Jared Nadler had also come to work at Levy’s the year before, and we soon realized that we worked well together and soon began to grow and refine the business into what it today. Today, I live in Birmingham with my family. I am the proud parent of five sons, a daughter and one cat.

Interesting Facts:
  • I was a disc jockey for the campus radio station at Alabama for three years, during the infancy of the College/Independent music scene, and I’m still an avid music fan.
  • I am a voracious reader, and have read thousands of books in my life. My favorite is “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy O’Toole.
  • I love being outdoors, horseback riding, fishing, archery, yard work, skiing (water and snow) and gardening.
  • I am an avid collector of vintage watches, Native American artifacts, folk art, hand carved Object’, music, coins and antique firearms.
  • By rough calculations, I have met enough people in my 30 years at Levy's to fill Bryant Denny Stadium (official capacity 101,821)
b belcher

I have a very creative, energetic, and somewhat edgy personality. I love shock value and living at extremes. There is nothing subtle about me. I am from Birmingham, but attended school and lived in the Chicagoland (the city that holds my heart) for several years. My first job after high school was in the jewelry industry, which I have remained in for over two decades. I have always been a very extroverted person who thrives from interaction with others. I don't much care for groups or cliques but enjoy people of all types and backgrounds that are different from me.Every type of person offers something that can make my life better. I can't say what secrets the future may hold. What I do know is that I am learning all over again how to dream and how to reprioritize what is truly important.

I see jewelry as art, a person as a canvas, and myself as an artist helping you to become your own personal masterpiece.

Interesting Facts:
  • Family means EVERYTHING to me: my nephew and niece are the loves of my life
  • My obsession: Erika Jayne on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… or anything slightly offensive!
  • I am BOLD, FLASHY, BORDERLINE TACKY, and sometimes even SCANDILOUS. Anything else just wouldn’t be me.
  • My hair is my favorite attribute. It changes style and color more often than most people change underwear.
  • My favorite trip: anywhere. For me it’s all about the ride.
  • I prefer to type in “ALL CAPS”
  • I like a lot of people I don’t respect, and I respect a lot of people I don’t like.
d broda

I have been in the jewelry business since 1976. Prior to joining my new family at Levy's in 1994 I worked in my family's jewelry business in every aspect of the catalogue showroom industry. I completed my GIA diamond grading course in 1979 and the Gem Identification course in 1981.

My wife Ilene and I married in February of 1985 and we have one son named Ryan.

Interesting Facts:
  • Spending time with my Wife Ilene and son Ryan when I am not working is relaxing for me.
  • I relax while playing games on the computer when I can.
  • I enjoy cooking although I do not cook as often as I use to.
  • I can not say I enjoy yard work but being in the yard allows me time to think and I get the exercise.
  • We have a dog named Wimper and a cat named Charlie. Both are friendly and take time to play with me most every day.
r broda

I was born and raised in Birmingham. I went to Mountain Brook High School, then received a B.A. degree in Mass Communication from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am currently earning my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Montevallo. Also, I have been performing as a magician for 24+ years. I am currently performing semi-regularly in the open mic competition at The Stardome Comedy Club here in Birmingham. Magic is my ultimate passion in life. We all need to escape, and as a magician I hope to provide that sense of wonderment that we all need in life.

Interesting Facts:
  • My favorite band is Depeche Mode
  • I’m a magician
  • I’m currently in graduate school studying Counseling
  • I love stand up comedy
  • I love to cook
j denaburg

I was born and raised in Birmingham, where I have lived my entire life, with the exception of the 6 years I spent living in Tuscaloosa. I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Accounting and stuck around for 2 more years to run an internet marketing company I started with a partner.

I have been at Levy’s since December 2013. Following the initial Christmas rush, one of my first assigned tasks was to manage the creation of a new website and write all of the history and gemstone content on the website. This introduction served as my training, and I immediately fell in love with the artistic designs and unique story told by each piece of vintage jewelry: how it was made, why it looks the way it does, the aspects of society at the time that inspired the design, etc.

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c Deutcsh

I have been a friend of Levy's since 1982 when my family moved from Brooklyn, New York to Birmingham. After graduating from Auburn University in the early 90’s, I embarked on a long term career in Clinical Research with a focus on Psychiatry. During all of my years in Research, I also developed a side business helping people downsize and handling estate sales. I would go to Levy's to help identify important pieces of art and antiquities that I would come across, turning our personal friendship into a more professional one. I have developed a reputation of someone who is trustworthy, very hard working, and above all, a woman who could sell just about anything! In 2015, I decided to end my research career and focus all of my energy on sales, and became part of the Levy’s family managing our online marketplace.

Interesting Facts:
  • I have a wonderful, 10 year old son
  • I am an excellent cook
  • I almost chose a career with the Secret Service
  • I love spending time in the mountains as well as being on the water with family and friends on their boat
  • I have a passion for Art and Antiques
t nadler

I am a mom of 3 amazing kids, a teacher, and a longtime fixture at Levy’s (ever since I can remember). I studied Special Education at the University of Alabama for undergrad and graduate school and completed my postgraduate work at the University of Montevallo.

Interesting Facts:
  • I am a breast cancer survivor!
  • I have taught special education for over 30 years.
  • My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because I love autumn and big family gatherings.
  • Tragically, I am allergic to alcohol (the kind you drink).
  • If I could travel anywhere, Ireland would be at the top of my list. I’m still searching for that lucky leprechaun.
r foust

I was adopted by the Levy's family as a sales associate in 2000. Actually, I fell in love with the store in the 1970's. Oh what fun it was to sit in the old store and get to know the characters that also loved the old place. There were so many tales, they created their own folklore.

I am a life-long learner and Levy's affords a perfect vehicle for new discoveries. Years of teaching Math and subsequent retirements have allowed for the part-time schedule that I now enjoy. Usually I can be found on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the store, meeting new friends and sharing their stories.

There are many lures to keep me busy. Six grandchildren living in Birmingham and Seattle are a source of great joy. I love to share my kitchen with friends, creating culinary masterpieces and the subsequent consumption the effort provides, of course the addition of a lovely wine to allow for better digestion is necessary.

Interesting Facts:
  • I love a good game of bridge.
  • My favorite hobby is crafting great food and entertaining friends. Many pleasures result from discovering new cuisines.
  • I love to travel by land and air. Nothing is better than an adventurous road trip. My travel goal is to dine my way across Europe!
  • I love General Aviation.
  • I’ve been at Levy’s since the year 2000 (before the second side of the store was built)
a graham

I was born in Michigan and moved to Birmingham when I was seven, so I feel like a true Southerner. I consider myself a foodie of sorts. My husband and I love trying new restaurants, revisiting our favorites and have considered starting a food blog to share our experiences. I have always loved fashion and jewelry, I did home clothing shows for over ten years. I was a Levy’s customer long before I began working here. I fell in love with the family and the jewelry so I begged Jared to hire me….and the rest is history.

Interesting Facts:
  • I have 5 wonderful grown children
  • I love to knit
  • I love spending time at the lake with family and friends
  • I used to co–own a cookie company and teach pre-school
  • I have a passion for interior design
d green

Reigning from Alabama the beautiful, I was born on the day Desert Storm started, which my mother would say is very fitting for my over the top personality. Raised by an old car hoarder of a father, I have found that I too have a love for all things old and have thus become a vintage enthusiast. After spending 18 years in Alabama, I decided to take my talents out west to The University of Colorado at Boulder. There, I graduated with a BA in Dance with a minor in shoe collecting and football watching. In my spare time, I enjoy a nice glass of scotch and playing with my collection of German bred dogs. Where I come from, girls who yell “Roll Tide” are a gift from God and deserve bigger diamonds, and that is exactly how I ended up at Levy’s for the rest of my life. If my life was a font, it would be Curlz, which has apparently been discontinued by Microsoft Word, unbeknownst to me.

Interesting Facts:
  • When I am not working at Levy’s, I instruct Pure Barre classes at Pure Barre 280 in Inverness
  • I love my dogs more than most people
  • I am a ballerina and have trained with companies such as the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington DC and Alonzo King LINES Ballet in San Francisco
  • If I can’t be snowboarding in Colorado, you will find me being pulled behind a boat on a wakeboard
  • When I grow up, I want to be a bacon/whiskey connoisseur
c helmers

I hail from a perfectly respectable town in Long Island. I studied illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology, and through a series of twists and turns, made it to Birmingham in 1998. I have owned two stores in Birmingham: Jinx and Charm, and I am stoked to now be a part of the Levy’s crew!

Interesting Facts:
  • Habits include taking naps with cats, drinking champagne and eating food with scandalously high fat content
  • I love animals (even creepy ones), collecting vintage costume jewelry, rummaging at estate sales and reading Victorian ghost stories
  • My fashion inspirations are Phyllis Diller and Agnes Morehead as “Endora” on the TV show “Bewitched”
  • My personal style could be described as “thrift store with a twist”
  • I used to be a “club kid” in New York during the late 1980’s. It was fun, but I don't recommend it.
j hunter

I was born and raised in Carrollton, Ga. I moved to Birmingham when I was 29 years old and fell in love with the city and the wonderful people I met, so I made it my home. I have been in retail over 26 years and have worked for Levy's for almost 13 years. I started off as a sales associate, now I work in some aspects of our marketing but mostly manage the wholesale division of our business. I am a Mother to one son, whom is the absolute love of my life. Being a single Mother, I don't have time for many hobbies but I love to read, spend time with family and friends, spend time at the lake or beach... any body of water really and most of all spend time making memories with my son.

Interesting Facts:
  • I grew up on a farm in and my parents still live there now
  • My middle name is Daunye' (terrible I know)
  • I am fascinated with monkeys
  • My favorite food is Mexican
  • My dream place to retire is La Jolla, California
a johnson

Hi, I’m Annette, “Nettie” for short. I am a true southern girl, born and raised. Adopted by the Levy’s family in 2014, shipping and receiving is my game. However, I tend to help out wherever I am needed. I always say, “you are never too old to learn new tricks”.

I enjoy serving the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion, teaching first and second grade girls at my church on Wednesday nights. Some of my favorite things are country music, cooking, reading and I have been known to stomp a few grapes. My passions are my family, friends and my fur babies. Give me some down time and I’m headed to the beach. It’s sunshine and good times for this girl!

Interesting Facts:
  • The kitchen is my favorite spot in my house. I love to cook and listen to music and entertain.
  • I love to go to wineries and have been known to dress like "Lucy" and stomp grapes.
  • My happy place is the beach along the forgotten emerald coast.
  • I am an animal lover and have 3 fur babies, who I converse with daily.
  • I have three daughters, a 6 year old grandson and a granddaughter due in June. And no I do not spoil them, and if you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona.
r levy

Born and raised in Birmingham, I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Chemistry and Biology. I then attended Trenton Jewelry School and studied under a Master Jeweler from New York. I trained in all aspects of creating and repairing gold and platinum jewelry. I am also certified for Diamonds and Colored Stones by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). I started working at Levy’s over 34 years ago as their very first bench jeweler.

I am a husband and a father to one son. I love scuba diving, fishing and have two black belts in karate. I was assistant Scout Master for the Boy Scouts and also an Eagle Panel Member. I also volunteer for the USA arts, serving as an instructor for kids with special needs.

Interesting Facts:
  • Played the trumpet in school from 1st grade through 12th grade. Selected for All State and all county bands, and orchestra. Made money by playing church services.
  • U.S.Air Force Reserves stationed in Denver, Colorado. Fighter jet weapons specialist. Top secret project.
  • Used to run 4 - 6 miles five days a week.
  • One of the first employees of Lakeshore Hospital.
  • My favorite thing to do in Birmingham is go to the library and read for a long time.
i kahn

My name is Irisa Kahn. I am originally from Tampa, FL. I graduated from Samford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications and fell in love with the South! I travel often, both domestically and internationally, but Birmingham is the only place that feels like home to me. I worked in television for 9 years before making a complete career change into healthcare which I’ve been doing full time ever since. I began working at Levy’s in 2011, and work on Saturdays only (and holidays). I have another full time job working at Kindred Hospice. I enjoy hiking on Sundays with my dog at Red Mountain Park. I rarely miss an opportunity to go deep sea fishing. Acrylic painting is relaxing for me. I also do Pilates classes 3-4x a week.

Interesting Facts:
  • I danced and sang in a Super Bowl Halftime show.
  • My love for food is obnoxious- I will try pretty much anything and love to cook too.
  • My fashion sense comes totally from myself. I don’t tend to follow the runway, magazines or blogs for fashion tips. I make my own rules.
  • I love hot tea- UNSWEET. I know that is weird for the South. I mix the loose tea myself and always have a thermos with me.
  • I love karaoke! You can find me on the mic pretty often. I don’t have a regular go-to song. I will even sing in other languages.
q salerno

I started working at Levy’s in August of 2007 through a work program at Shades Valley high School. When I started, I did everything from cleaning the store to polishing jewelry. After graduating high school, Levy’s offered me a full time job as an assistant to a sales associate. Since then, I have completed classes and lab sections to get certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a Diamond Grading Graduate and as an Accredited Jewelry Professional. I have also been recognized and given the 24 Karat Club Scholarship. I have made my way up the ladder at Levy’s, growing to be a sales associate, as well as a buyer. I now do a large portion of our buying from the public.

I met the love of my life, Brittany, at a diamond course in Atlanta of 2016. I married her in April of 2018.

Interesting Facts:
  • I am a twin
  • I love to collect fossils, minerals and raw gemstones
  • If I did not have bills, my whole paycheck would go towards watches
  • I love good whiskey
  • When I have the time, I love to go camping and fishing
j smith

I have spent more than 21 years in the jewelry industry. Starting out as a college student, I worked part time for a friend, never thinking I would make a career of this. At first I was relegated to changing watch batteries all day and essentially anything else I could get into. Eventually I was recruited by a corporate store where I became involved in business management and also worked as a trainer for stores around the Southeast. But, I learned throughout the years that the jewelry itself was of more interest to me, a particular passion for watches and vintage pieces. In 2011, I was fortunate to have a conversation with Jared on the history of our store which led to me joining the Levy’s family (I was a rescue as I like to put it).

Interesting Facts:
  • I am the youngest of 6 siblings, so I have seen it all!
  • If I wasn’t in the jewelry industry U would find my passion in wood working and carpentry.
  • One of my favorite past times is spending time with my son Ben and my dad, hauling our “family car” to classic car events around the Southeast.
  • Avid fan of bourbon and Irish whiskey – not above accepting samples
c wade

My passion for jewelry design shows in the love of my job. Many clients come in with sentimental or rarely worn items that we transfer into new treasures.

I have an Associate’s Degree in Design and have attended many schools across the country, learning from amazing people in my field. A jeweler’s education is never ending.

To date, I have been received 7 Alabama Jewelers Association (AJA) design awards.

On a personal note, I am the proud mom of two wonderful sons. During my free time I like to read, watch old movies and spend time outdoors. Starry nights are good for the soul.

Interesting Facts:
  • I loathe being late
  • My favorite color gemstone is a pigeon blood red Ruby
  • I love pink food, it makes me happy
  • I hate paperwork
  • I’m really a princess
l walker

I was born in Auburn, Alabama and grew up in Notasulga, Alabama, where I spent most of my time on a farm. I started in the jewelry industry in 1989 in a small family owned store in Auburn. In 1994m I married John and moved to Hoover, Alabama. In 2010, I started with Levy’s, where I can usually be found in the back office with Rhoda.

Interesting Facts:
  • Family is very important, and I have tried hard to instill this in my sons.
  • I love music; I appreciate everything from Yoyo Ma to Maroon 5
  • I enjoy cooking Italian food and the staff at Levy’s loves eating whatever I bring. I make a mean Fettuccini Alfredo.
  • My best day is to drive to the beach for a day with my 2 best friends, eat seafood and stick my feet in the sand.
  • Murder mysteries with a touch of the paranormal are my favorite reads. My favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Ted Decker and Preston & Childs.
r whatley

I’ve been a jeweler since 2003. I moved from Georgia to Birmingham to work at Levy’s in 2005. My skills are repairs, custom work, wax carving and CAD (Computer Aided Design). Since I started working at Levy’s, I have won three Alabama Jeweler’s Association (AJA) design awards.

I am a husband and father to three children. When I am not working, I love spending time with my family, metallurgy and making knives.

Interesting Facts:
  • Hobbyist knife maker
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Grew up in Georgia
  • Enjoy Science fiction
  • Enjoy spending time with family and friends
k wilkinson

My love for jewelry started around the age of 3, in my grandmother’s jewelry box. I followed my passion to Carlsbad, CA, where I received my Graduate Gemology (GG) degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). I have worked in the jewelry business since 2000 in large corporate stores all the way to mom and pop stores. My first job was at Tiffany & Co in Beverly Hills and I progressed all the way back to the South where I was born and raised. I am a Louisiana girl, tried and true. People know me as a dog lover, wife and crafty person. Birmingham has led me to my jewelry home and family, which is Levy’s.

Interesting Facts:
  • I’ve always had a flare for jewelry, shoes and purses
  • I’m a sucker for wedding cake and love weddings
  • In my free time, I enjoy making stained glass and pottery
  • My favorite drink in the summer is a Gin and Tonic
  • I am the proud new mama of our miracle baby girl, Clara Reese Wilkinson
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