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Design & craft

Our talented jewelers consistently win and place in statewide and regional jewelry design competitions. Each of our jewelers offers his or her own personal, unique touch to help turn your dreams into reality. We will sit down with you and sketch out the possibilities, either on paper or using a computer-aided design (CAD) software, and make sure we are all on the same page before moving forward with your design.

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Repair & Restore

Our talented team of jewelers has the experience and the expertise necessary to solve any problem. Whether it be recreating an obscure design, refinishing antique filigree or a simple sizing job, our team of jewelers will put in the time and care your piece deserves.

Antique/Vintage Jewelry Restoration

Antique and vintage jewelry restoration is our bread and butter at Levy’s. Our jewelers have decades of experience rebuilding and reworking antique and vintage pieces to bring them back to their original elegance. If your piece is for whatever reason beyond repair, our jewelers can recreate the design, detail for detail.

Bezel Repair

A bezel wall holding in a stone should be flat and smooth around the edge of the stone. The table of the stone should be level, even with the bezel and above the bezel wall.

Chain Repair or Soldering

Our jewelers have decades of experience repairing chains. If you have links which are not aligning, visible solder marks or discoloration on links, exposed/broken fragments of chain or if your chain just isn’t bending or holding like it used to, our team of jewelers can refinish it to like-new condition.

Channel Repair

Channel walls should be flat, even, and parallel with the table of the stones lining up evenly with the top of the channel wall. The seats of the channel, which hold the stone in place, should be cut precisely enough that there is no extra room for the stone to move.

Clasp Repair

If your bracelet or necklace has a loose clasp, it is not only annoying, you could potentially lose it! Our talented jewelers can fix or replace any clasp.

Clean, Polish, and Check Prongs/Stones

Our friendly sales staff is always happy to clean your jewelry while you wait, but if your piece requires a more detailed makeover, our team of jewelers can bring it back to its original, pristine condition.

Earring Conversion

Do you love your earrings but not the backs? Are your backs losing their grip? Want to convert pierced earrings into clip-ons? We can replace or revise your earring backs and bring them to a condition where they hold onto your ear secure and comfortably.


Whether you want to inscribe your wedding date on the inside of your wedding band or add texture to your solitaire with a vintage style wheat pattern engraving down the side, our team of jewelers can bring your vision into reality.

Pearl Repair

Pearls are extremely delicate, and they will inevitably show signs of wear and tear. If your pearls have reached their limit, our team can help your clean them up, or match and replace your pearls.

Pearl or Bead Stringing

Pearls and beads should lay flat, with knots pushed up against both sides and not bunch or twist. The knots should all be shaped uniformly and sized to fit the drill holes, and the silk cord should closely match the gem’s body color.

Prong Re-tipping and Replacement

If you have a piece of jewelry that keeps snagging on your clothes, or it feels like a stone is wobbly, your problem could be loose prongs. It is inevitable that everyday life will give your jewelry this wear and tear. Ideally, prongs should all be about the same size, shape, and dimension, and they should lay smooth on the stone with no visible room in-between.

Rhodium Plating

Gold is colored white by alloying it with certain metals, usually nickel and zinc; this turns the gold a white color, but dulls the luster. To add that bright luster, a thin layer of rhodium (a member of the platinum family of metals) is electrically fused to the outside of the piece. This thin layer of rhodium will inevitably wear down over time and start to show the gold’s natural yellow tint. It is recommended that a piece of jewelry be rhodium plated every 6 months to 3 years depending on wear. Working with chemicals can also quicken the speed at which rhodium wears off. We offer rhodium plating a la carte, or we are happy to include it as a free addition to any repair.

Ring Shanks

Assuming it is worn regularly, every ring’s shank will eventually wear down. Shanks can also become bent and deformed from everyday activities like golf, tennis and driving. No matter what your problem may be, our team of experienced jewelers will analyze your situation and offer our most cost and time efficient solution.

Stone Setting and Replacement

Sometimes it can be fun to give a piece of jewelry a makeover by replacing one or some of the stones. Our talented team of jewelers can bring out your imagination and change the stones in your jewelry to give you a new look.

Stone Tightening

Sometimes everyday life takes a toll on your rings and your stones can become loose in the setting. This can potentially be very dangerous and lead to the loss of one or more stones. Tightening your stones at the first sign of a problem is a simple and affordable fix for a potentially devastating problem.

Tennis (Line) Bracelet Repair

A tennis bracelet should fit comfortably, with about one finger’s width separating the bottom of the bracelet and the wrist. All mechanisms, joints and hinges should move smoothly and hold firm.

Wedding Set and Ring Soldering

When soldering a wedding set together, it is important to make sure that the inside and outside profiles of the rings match up flawlessly and the rings are soldered at opposite areas to provide a firm hold. This is a very popular way to prevent your wedding band from rolling over!

Ring Sizing

It may sound simple, but sizing a ring wrong can lead to serious problems. Other than the obvious concerns like solder marks or a crack at the bottom of the shank where the sizing took place, a poor sizing job could lead to prongs being weakened and stones becoming loose. Our jewelers analyze every ring before sizing to provide our customers with the safest and most cost-efficient method to size your ring.

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