• Gold Necklaces vintage 18kt yellow gold Cleopatra style necklace
    • $2,685.00 $3,695.00
      Vintage mid-century 18kt yellow gold cleopatra style drape necklace measuring 16"
    • Gold Necklaces 18kt yellow gold 20" anchor chain necklace
    • $1,995.00 $2,850.00
      18kt yellow gold anchor chain necklace measuring 20" long
    • Gold Necklaces 18Kt Gold Gold Link Necklace
    • $7,645.00 $9,850.00
      18Kt Yellow Gold 16 Mm Wide Link Necklace With Raised Spacer Bars 18 " Signed Kria
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Victorian three color gold filled necklace
    • $375.00 $545.00
      Antique Victorian 20" gold filled yellow rose and white gold floral link necklace
    • Gold Necklaces 14kt yellow and rose gold Victorian Etruscan Revival necklace
    • $2,495.00 $3,650.00
      14kt yellow and rose gold antique Victorian Etruscan Revival locket and chain
    • Gold Necklaces 18kt yellow gold tassel necklace
    • $2,750.00 $3,795.00
      18kt yellow gold 28" long multi strand tassel necklace with gold ball stations
    • Gold Necklaces 14Kt Yellow Gold Chocker Necklace With Interchangeable Center Sections
    • $3,750.00 $4,995.00
      14Kt Yellow Gold Interchangeable Chocker Necklace With One Pendant With An 1881 Us $5 Gold Coin In Frame And The Other With An Oval Amethyst Measuring 22X18x16mm And Weighing An Estimated 33 Carats
    • Gold Necklaces 14Kt Yellow Gold 24" Circle Necklace
    • $445.00 $645.00
      14Kt Yellow Gold 24" Interlocking Circle Link Necklace
    • Gold Necklaces Ole Lynggaard 18kt gold and amethyst leaf and lotus pendant necklace
    • $1,995.00 $2,795.00
      Ole Lynggaard 18kt yellow gold leaf pendant ($2,450 retail) and lotus amethyst pendant ($1,350 retail) on ivory colored cord necklace with 18kt gold ties
    • Gold Necklaces 14kt gold and ancient bronze coin necklace pendant
    • $475.00 $645.00
      14kt yellow gold pendant set with an original ancient bronze coin
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Art Nouveau 14kt gold and diamond locket necklace
    • $895.00 $1,295.00
      Antique Art Nouveau 14kt yellow gold spiral design 25mm round locket with mine cut diamond in center on a modern 14kt gold chain
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Art Nouveau 14kt yellow gold necklace
    • $525.00 $745.00
      Antique Art Nouveau 14kt yellow gold face and swan set on a modern 14kt yellow gold chain. Necklace references the myth of Leda & the Swan
    • Gold Necklaces Art Deco 2nd egyptian revival 14kt gold and blue enamel necklace
    • $845.00 $1,195.00
      Circa 1920's Art Deco 2nd Egyptian revival necklace in 14kt yellow gold with blue enamel on a modern chain
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Victorian woven hair gold and pearl drape necklace
    • $995.00 $1,395.00
      Unique Antique Victorian woven human hair drape necklace with a grape motif with seed pearls
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Victorian 10kt yellow gold carved Carnelian intaglio pendant on chain
    • $375.00 $545.00
      Antique Victorian 10ktyg carved Carnelian intaglio fob on 14kt yellow gold chain
    • Gold Necklaces Antique 14kt yellow gold and enamel art nouveau necklace
    • $525.00 $745.00
      Antique Art Nouveau 14kt yellow gold fixed necklace with green enamel and two natural seed pearls
    • Gold Necklaces Vintage French Retro period 18kt yellow gold and diamond drape necklace
    • $3,250.00 $4,750.00
      Vintage early mid-century French Retro 18kt yellow gold drape necklace set with three round, brilliant cut diamonds with an estimated total weight of .20 carat
    • Gold Necklaces Dodo by Pomellato 18kt yellow  gold necklace
    • $4,350.00 $5,995.00
      Designer signed Dodo by Pomellato 18kt yelllow gold 5mm wide link necklace measuring 16" necklace with signature diamond in clasp
    • Gold Necklaces Marlene Stowe 18kt yellow gold chain and embossed heart necklace
    • $11,750.00 $14,950.00
      Substantial Marlene Stowe designer 18kt yellow gold 30" link necklace with toggle clasp featuring alarge embossed heart pendant
    • Gold Necklaces Art Deco 14kt white gold Y chain necklace
    • $495.00 $695.00
      Art Deco 14kt white gold Y necklace measuring 26" long plus the 5" dangle section
    • Gold Necklaces 14kt white gold Art Deco pocket watch chain necklace
    • $795.00 $1,095.00
      14kt white gold Art Deco fancy link pocket watch chain necklace
    • Gold Necklaces 14kt white gold Art Deco cobalt blue enamel chain
    • $675.00 $895.00
      Beautiful Art Deco 14kt white gold 14" link chain with cobalt blue enamel design
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Victorian gold filled Carnelian Seal fob
    • $395.00 $545.00
      Antique Victorian gold filled seal fob set with un-carved Carnelian and a deer head motif
    • Gold Necklaces Art Nouveau 14Kt yellow gold locket
    • $595.00 $875.00
      Art Nouveau 14Kt Gold Locket measuring 25mm in diameter with a lady's bust set with a round old mine cut diamond on a 14kt chain
    • Gold Necklaces Art Deco Yellow Gold And Diamond Filigree East/West Necklace
    • $495.00 $625.00
      Art Deco 10Kt Yellow Gold Filigree East/West Necklace On Modern 14Kt Gold Chain
    • Gold Necklaces Tiffany & Co 18kt gold loving heart pendant
    • $495.00 $695.00
      Tiffany & Co Loving Heart pendant on chain by Paloma Picasso $800 retail
    • Gold Necklaces Tiffany & Co. 18kt yellow gold 24" necklace
    • $1,695.00 $2,495.00
      Vintage Tiffany & Co, 24" 18kt yellow gold knotted double strand necklace
    • Gold Necklaces 14kt yellow gold twist link design choker necklace
    • $1,995.00 $2,945.00
      14ktyg twist woven design 3.6mm wide 16" long choker necklace
    • Gold Necklaces 14Kw Art Deco Rock Crystal Diamond Necklace
    • $2,495.00 $3,495.00
      Art Deco Rock Crystal Filigree Four Crystals Set With Diamonds 12.3Grs
    • Gold Necklaces Gucci 18kt yellow gold toggle link necklace with heart center
    • $7,250.00 $9,750.00
      Signed Gucci, this 18kt yellow gold variable link necklace measures 20" and has a toggle closure and a heart shaped center piece
    • Gold Necklaces Tiffany & Co 18Kt Gold Atlas Pendant Necklace
    • $1,195.00 $1,695.00
      Tiffany & Co Atlas 18Ktyg Round Pendant On Chain
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Victorian Starburst 18Kt Gold And Pearl Necklace
    • $895.00 $1,395.00
      Antique Victorian Numbered 18Ktyg Pearl Snowflake Necklace On Modern 18Ky Chain
    • Gold Necklaces Vintage multi design gold chain necklace
    • $995.00 $1,495.00
      22" long necklace of various antique chain segments, with one section 18kt, one 10kt and the rest are 14kt yellow gold with antique gold safety pin clasp
    • Gold Necklaces Antique Victorian 10kt gold necklace
    • $575.00 $795.00
      Antique Victorian 10kt yellow gold fancy interwoven necklace measuring 18" long
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