History of Jewelry

From the elaborate Georgian and Victorian periods to the cutting edge innovations of the Art Deco and Modernist periods, learn about the history of style and jewelry, why society embraced these new trends when they did and why we cherish them today.

History of Diamond Cutting

Explore the unique history of diamond cutting as it evolves from a belief that they were unpolishable to the beautiful shapes and cuts we know today. Learn about the origin and historical significance of all of your favorite diamond cuts and the story that led to their creation.

Anniversary Traditions

What are traditional anniversary gifts and where did the idea originate? Get traditional gift ideas to celebrate your most special of milestones.

Birthstone Traditions

Your birthday is as special as you are! Learn about the gemstone or stones that are historically regarded as your birthstone.

Care for Jewelry

Taking proper care of your jewelry can be the difference between a lost stone and piece that lasts generations. Learn the best ways to clean, store and wear your favorite pieces.


Why are diamonds significant? What makes some diamonds more valuable than others? Learn about the “4 C’s”, diamond treatments and how to make sure you get the best diamond for you.

Fine Jewelry Dictionary

There are so many words to describe aspects of jewelry that it can be hard to keep track. Here is your cheat sheet to understand some of the verbiage you may hear when you are speaking with a sales person or doing research on diamonds and jewelry.

Precious Metals

Gold, platinum, silver, tungsten, cobalt, rhodium, palladium, and titanium. Learn how to identify what metal is in your piece and what are the best materials to use when designing your dream piece of jewelry.

Ring Sizing

It’s always best to visit our store and let us size your finger, but this sizing guide should be helpful if that isn’t an option.


There are many different ways to set a stone in a piece of jewelry. Learn the pros and cons of each method and pick your favorite way to show off your stones.

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