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    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS 18kt yellow gold tourmaline and diamond men's ring
    • $2,960.00 $3,995.00
      Hefty 18kt yellow gold men's ring centered by a 11x9mm oval redish tourmaline surrounded by 26 round, brilliant cut diamonds with an estimated total weight of .52 carat
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS 14Kt Yellow Gold And Tanzanite Men Ring
    • $865.00 $1,195.00
      14 Kt Yellow Gold Men's Ring With A 1.25 Ct Oval Shape Tanzanite
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS 14Kt Gold And Demantoid Garnet Ring
    • $965.00 $1,495.00
      14Kt Yellow Gold Band With 5 Demantoid Garnets Estimated To Weigh .55 Carat Total
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Men's 18Kt Gold, Ruby & Diamond Ring
    • $2,035.00 $2,750.00
      18Kt Yellow Gold Men's Ring With 7X6 Mm Oval Cabochon Ruby Accented By 18 Round Diamonds Estimated To Weigh A Total Of 1.24 Carats
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Vintage Men's 14Kt Gold Intaglio  Ring
    • $865.00 $1,095.00
      Vintage 14Kt Yellow Gold Mounting With Three Color Intaglio
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Custom Design 18Kt Gold, Silver And Ruby Mens Ring By Our Own Robert Whatley
    • $4,275.00 $4,995.00
      Unique Custom Designed Men's Ring By Our Talented Jeweler Robert Whatley. The Ring Consists Of Of A Scale Patter Of Anodized Sterling Silver Separating Matching Bezel Set Gem Quality Emerald Cut Rubies Set In 18Kt Yellow Gold Bordered By A Scalloped Design Of 18Kt White Gold. In A Size 8. Literally A One Of A Kind Piece
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Art Deco 14Kt Gold And Red Stone Ring
    • $1,065.00 $1,395.00
      Art Deco 14Kt White Gold Engraved Men's Ring With A 15Mm Cabochon Cut Red Stone
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Men's Art Deco Carnelian Ring
    • $285.00 $345.00
      Engraved 10Kt White Gold Men's Art Deco Ring Featuring A 12X9.5Mm Rectangular Carnelian
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Diamond & Ruby Ring
    • $535.00 $695.00
      14Kt Yellow Gold Mounting With 5 Round Diamond Estimated To Weigh .50 Ct Total Set In Diagonal With 5 Round Rubies On Each Side
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Men's Linde Star Sapphire Ring
    • $585.00 $775.00
      14Kt White Gold Dome Shaped Deigned Ring With Oval Shape Man Made Linde Blue Star Sapphire
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Vintage Men's Intaglio Ring
    • $565.00 $745.00
      Vintage Men's 18Ktyg Ring With Red Stone Intaglio
    • $1,395.00 $1,895.00
      14kt yellow gold shouldered mounting protecting a 15 x 12 mm oval shape star ruby
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Vintage Mens Intaglio Ring
    • $365.00 $425.00
      Vintage 10Kt Yellow Gold Onyx Ring Inset With Soldier Intaglio
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Vintage Mens Carved Cameo Ring
    • $365.00 $425.00
      Vintage 10Kt White Gold Hard Stone Carved Cameo Ring
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Diamond And Sapphire Ring
    • $965.00 $1,495.00
      20 Round Diamonds Estimated To Weigh A Total Of .50 Ct Surrounding Square Sapphire In 14Kt Yellow Gold
    • COLORED STONE RING-MENS Diamond & Emerald Band
    • $915.00 $1,111.00
      14kt white gold 5 diamond and 4 emerald band
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