• Silver Necklaces John Hardy sterling silver and enamel Naga dragon neckalce
    • $525.00 $695.00
      John Hardy Naga collection double headed dragon necklace in sterling silver with blue and red enamel
    • Silver Necklaces Judith Ripka sterling silver and 18kt gold diamond necklace
    • $575.00 $795.00
      Judith Ripka Two Sterling Silver And 18ktyg chain with three diamonds in clasp and six diamonds in gold link
    • Silver Necklaces Judith Ripka sterling silver and 18kt gold diamond cross necklace
    • $625.00 $895.00
      Judith Ripka Two 16" Sterling Silver And 18ktyg chain with cross pendant containing eight round, brilliant cut diamonds 16"
    • Silver Necklaces Lagos Caviar sterling necklace
    • $475.00 $675.00
      Lagos Caviar sterling 7 mm beaded necklace measuring 16"
    • Silver Necklaces David Yurman limited edition beaded necklace
    • $1,295.00 $1,695.00
      David Yurman special limited edition necklace with ruby, onyx, silver, hematite and diamond set beads
    • Silver Necklaces Lagos Caviar sterling silver Daisy blue topaz necklace
    • $795.00 $1,175.00
      Lagos Caviar sterling silver three integrated strand Daisy blue topaz wide necklace
    • Silver Necklaces David Yurman oval Chalcedony and diamond necklace pendant
    • $1,595.00 $2,195.00
      David Yurman 25x20mm oval Chalcedony pendant with rim of diamonds $3,000 retail
    • Silver Necklaces Stephen Dweck Designer Necklace
    • $895.00 $1,125.00
      Stephen Dweck designer necklace in brass with multiple large carnelian, agate, quartz gemstones.
    • Silver Necklaces Lagos Green Quartz Necdklace
    • $695.00 $995.00
      This Sterling Lagos 16 " Chains Host A Green Lemon Quartz Sterling And 18Kt Yg Pendant By Loarenzo
    • Silver Necklaces Lagos CAVIAR Sterling SILVER AND CITRINE Necklace
    • $495.00 $645.00
      Lagos Caviar Sterling And 18Kt Yellow Gold Necklace EMERALD CUT CITRINE NECKLACE
    • Silver Necklaces David Yurman Green Amethyst & Diamond Pendant
    • $595.00 $895.00
      David Yurman Green Amethyst And Surrounded Diamonds Pendant
    • Silver Necklaces Judith Ripka Sterlingsilver And 18Kt Gold Citrine And Diamond Necklace
    • $625.00 $875.00
      Judith Ripka Ss/18Kt Necklace 4Br Diamonds 3 Dia Heart Shaped Pendant With Citrine On Leather Necklace
    • Silver Necklaces Konstantino Silver, Gold And Smoky Topaz Station Necklace
    • $695.00 $995.00
      Konstantino Sterling Silver And 18Kt Yellow Gold 44" Smoky Topaz Station Necklace With Toggle Clasp
    • Silver Necklaces Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace
    • $475.00 $645.00
      Designer Signed Sterling Silver Multi Layer /Multi Colored Fresh Water Pearl Necklace 229.1Grs Unidentifiable Signature
    • Silver Necklaces Tony Davis Hand Hammered sterling necklace.
    • $995.00 $1,350.00
      925 Sterling silver large link necklace hand hammered and numbered by designer Tony Davis retail for $1525.00
    • Silver Necklaces David Yurman Wheat Chain
    • $695.00 $975.00
      David Yurman 8Mm Wheat Chain 17" Long Sterling Silver With 14Kt Yellow Gold Accents On Clasp
    • Silver Necklaces David Yurman Sterling Silver And Gold Necklace Enhancer
    • $375.00 $545.00
      David Yurman Cushion Shaped Necklace Enhancer Sterling Silver And 14Kt Yellow Gold
    • Silver Necklaces David Yurman 32" Pearl Necklace.
    • $1,150.00 $1,725.00
      David Yurman long 32 Inch Pearl Necklace in Sterling Silver and 18 Karat yellow gold with 35 Pearls.
    • Silver Necklaces David Yurman Bead Necklace.
    • $625.00 $875.00
      David Yurman Black Onyx And Sterling Beaded Necklace With Hematite Gemstones.
    • Silver Necklaces Victorian Silver, Agate And Carnelian Long Chain
    • $795.00 $1,095.00
      Victorian 56" Long Sterling Fancy Link Chain With Carnelian And Agate Accents
    • Silver Necklaces Saint Jewelry Sterling Silver Pink Topaz And Diamond Necklace
    • $695.00 $995.00
      Saint Jewelry Bezel Set Pink Topaz With Floating Bee With Yellow Gold 13 Brilliant Cut Diamonds Sterling Silver And 18Ktyg $1,295 Retail
    • Silver Necklaces Konstantino Sterling Silver And 18Kt Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant
    • $625.00 $875.00
      Konstantino Sterling Silver And 18Kt Yellow Gold Star Of David Diamond Pendant
    • Silver Necklaces Art Nouveau Sterling Silver  Lorgnette
    • $575.00 $875.00
      Art Nouveau Unger Brothers Lily Sterling Silver Lorgnette
    • Silver Necklaces John Hardy Silver, GOLD AND PEARL LARIAT NECKLACE
    • $375.00 $545.00
    • Silver Necklaces Judith Ripka Bead Necklace
    • $725.00 $975.00
      Judith Ripka Interchangeable Clasp In Sterling And 18Kt Yellow Gold With Three Diamonds With 10Mm Quartz Beads And 10Mm Turquoise Beads
    • Silver Necklaces Aylen Fish Necklace
    • $795.00 $1,295.00
      P.Aylen Designer Silver Fish Necklace With Cabochon Green Tourmaline
    • Silver Necklaces Tacori Color Medley Necklace
    • $595.00 $875.00
      Tacori 18Kt Yellow Gold And Sterling Silver "Color Medley" Sterling Silver Candy Drop Gemstone Station Necklace 38" 20.6Grs $1,080 Retail
    • Silver Necklaces Federico Jiménez Mexican Coral And Turquoise Brooch/Pendant
    • $375.00 $545.00
      Signed Federico Jiménez Mexican Sterling Silver Brooch/Pendant With Pinipoint Coral And Carved Turquoise
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