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Our Talented Jewelry Designers

Article by: Joseph Denaburg

Levy’s Fine Jewelry is very proud of our staff of award winning jewelers. In the past four years our jewelers have won coveted awards in the annual Alabama Jewelry Design Competition whose exacting standards require the highest skills and creativity in manufacturing one of a kind pieces.

Jewelers’ work is judged on the originality of design, how practical a piece is, superior craftsmanship and its wearability. In other words, a piece of jewelry cannot win an award simply because it is elaborate and unusual but must be able to be easily worn and enjoyed by whomever owns it.

To cite an example, Candace Wade won the People's Choice Award in the Alabama Jewelry Design Competition in 2011 for her exquisite design of an original pair of pearl and diamond earrings. In 2009 Candace brought home not one but four awards. Candace was awarded Best of Show, People's Choice, Category 1 and Category 3 winner. Categories are designated by price. Candace is skilled at making affordable, everyday pieces as well as those more elaborate special occasion pieces of jewelry.

Robert Whatley is another of our talented award-winning jewelers. In 2008 Robert created a necklace containing a 3.14 carat oval rubellite tourmaline mounted in an 18kt yellow gold hammered dome with columns on either side displayed on a black steel cable necklace. This stunning piece was rich in texture, color and creativity and may be worn proudly for any occasion.

The Category 1 winner of the Alabama Jewelry Design Competition of 2010 was Robert Levy. His winning bracelet design is an example of the originality and creativity demanded by these competitions. In Robert's spare time he teaches children with disabilities the art of jewelry design and volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America.

All of our jewelers, whether they’ve entered and won competitions or not, are part of our family establishment because they have the highest levels of creativity and the artistic spark needed to offer our public the very best jewelry of the highest quality. Whether you want a custom made item or something in our cases you can rest assured that you own jewelry that is the very best available.

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