Brooches: An Elegant Addition to Any Outfit

Article by: Joseph Denaburg

Most of us never thought we’d be wearing brooches until we were older; we think of brooches as something our elders wore. But as with so many beautiful things from the past, brooches are making an impact on the fashion scene in new and different ways. You may have a brooch you’ve inherited, a beautiful piece that sits in your jewelry box because you have nothing to wear it with. The good news is that you can take that brooch out of storage and enjoy it with all the creative ways there are to wear it!

You’ve seen women wear beautiful scarves but now brooches bring a whole new look to the classic scarf. You’ll no longer have to worry about your scarf coming untied or slipping from its careful draping. A brooch will hold it in place on your shirt, jacket or blazer and add an elegant touch to any outfit. You can wear your scarf like a tie, pinning the brooch at the neck or halfway down. If you want to be more dramatic you can wear two or three brooches along the length of the scarf. This arrangement really dresses up a plain business suit or a solid color dress.

There are other ways that brooches can make any dress look fabulous. You can place a brooch at the bottom of a V-neck to draw attention away from the waist or hips. A brooch pinned below a scooped neck will enhance the lines of a classic A-line. If you prefer, you can wear a scarf around your waist and affix it with a brooch; this can also be done with dress pants or a skirt and blouse. If you really want to be different you can wear a belt with the buckle at the back and a brooch pinned to the front. A beautiful brooch at your waistline will make your outfit sparkle.

Your purse is also a great place for a brooch. How about that great purse in your closet that is just too plain to be fun? Pin a brooch to the strap or handle on onto the purse itself to give it a whole new look. This is a perfect place for a brooch that you don’t want to wear on your person but would really like to use.

There are still more fashionable ways to wear a brooch! Most of us have hats that we use in the summer and winter and probably one that is comfortable but that we’re really bored with. Dress up that hat with a brooch on the crown or the hatband and you’ll look as if you bought an entirely new hat. You can also use a brooch to “tie” the scarf on a pretty straw hat.

You can pin a brooch on a headband or a cloth covered barrette to dress up a casual hairdo. Wear one on the lapel of your jacket, on a winter sweater or group 3 or more small brooches for a riot of color and textures. Use a brooch to close a cardigan sweater or place on a one-strap dress to emphasize your shoulders.

If you prefer, you can slide a chain through the pin and turn it into a pendant. You can do this with practically any brooch, and you have a whole new necklace wardrobe.

Brooches are full of possibilities. It’s great to learn new and different ways you can wear beautiful jewelry that you thought was out of fashion!

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