Trapezoids are remarkably similar to a Cadillac cut, with a slightly squared off bottom, instead of coming to a point. As in a traditional trapezoid shape, these stones have 4 sides, with two of them being equal in length.

Trapezoid shaped diamonds make for beautiful accent stones. Especially considering they can be cut with brilliant or step cut facets, they can serve as perfect accent stones for step cut diamonds, brilliant cut diamonds or colored stones.

The Blue Lili Diamond

While most trapezoid diamonds tend to be smaller accents to a prominent center stone, that is not always the case. One unique example of a significant trapezoid cut stone can be found in the 30.06ct Blue Lili Diamond.

The diamond likely weighed over 100 carats in its rough form when it was purchased by William Goldberg and a partner in 1980. While the origin of the diamond is not certain, it most likely comes from the Premier Mine of South Africa, which is the only known source of significant blue diamonds since the famous ancient Indian mines stopped producing diamonds in the early 1700s.

Following an extensive period of studying the stone, it was decided that the optimum cut for this beautiful diamond would be a cushion cut trapezoid. Further tying his family to this incredible diamond, William Goldberg named the diamond after his wife, Lili.

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