Care for Jewelry

Taking care of your jewelry is the best way to make sure it maintains its luster and shine! Our team at Levy’s is always happy to clean your jewelry free of charge while you wait and offer any advice for the best possible way to store or clean your jewelry.

The Best Way to Care for Your Jewelry While Wearing It:

Billions of men and women around the world wear jewelry every day, but not everyone realizes that being careless with your jewelry could result in expensive damages.

washing hands

Removing jewelry before daily tasks like washing your hands or doing the dishes will help keep it in pristine condition.

The Best Way to Clean Your Jewelry:

If you do not always have time to make it in for our staff clean your jewelry, there are plenty of ways to take care of your jewelry at home.

The Best Way to Clean Specific Stones and Metals:

Each stone is different and requires a different method of cleaning. It is important to understand the qualities of your stones and metals to prevent them from being damaged during cleaning. When cleaning jewelry, it is important to remember that more debris will get caught underneath your stones than on top of them.


The Best Ways to Store Your Jewelry:

We all love adorning and showing off our jewels, but not every piece is right for every occasion. Some pieces are best worn only a few times a year. For these precious items, it is best to store them in a way that the elements will not damage them while they are not being worn.